Svetlana Gelman
Svetlana GelmanSpeech Language Pathologist
Fluent in English and Russian
BA: Communication Disorders, CUNY Queens College
MA: Speech-Language Pathology, CUNY Queens College
Orton-Gillingham Certified Intervention Provider
PROMPT Trained (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets)

Lana Gelman

Lana first became engaged with language development as an immigrant and English-Language Learner at the age of 11, spending an agonizing year not being able to ask or answer questions, explain herself, or even read and write at grade-level.  While serving in the U.S. Army she was again exposed to other languages and new social norms, while deployed or traveling, which made it very difficult to communicate. Remembering how frustrating and stressful it was to have her potential locked away behind a communication barrier, Lana is highly motivated to help the children she works with become effective communicators as soon as possible.

Lana has a special interest in literacy and is certified through IMSE as an Orton-Gillingham intervention provider to help children who struggle to learn to read and spell. Many children who start talking later, or struggle saying longer words correctly, also struggle with literacy acquisition in school. Therefore, she often incorporates literacy interventions in her sessions.

When not working with her clients, Lana loves to hike around the Columbia Gorge with her husband, listen to live music, noodle around with a guitar, do DIY home-improvement projects, and read books while snuggling with her cat.

Ines Garcia-Fullana
Ines Garcia-FullanaSpeech Language Pathology Assistant
Fluent in English and Spanish
MS: Special Education, Portland State University
BS: Speech and Hearing Services, Portland State University
BA: Communications – Walsh University
Certified in Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA)

Ines Garcia-Fullana

As an individual with a physical disability, physical therapy has been an essential component in my life. My rehabilitation process has been instrumental in encountering and overcoming challenges. In my role as a patient, I treasured and appreciated the dedication of the therapists who saw my yearning to overcome life challenges and gave me tools to succeed. My success and perspective as a patient allows for an understanding and foundation in the wide range of therapeutic services. I knew then that I wanted to embark on a career in a therapy related field. 

I moved to Oregon 10 years ago from Puerto Rico to further my education and pursue my passion. I worked for six years in special education teaching literacy skills both in English and Spanish as a paraprofessional and two years in Applied Behavior Analysis in a clinical setting. 

While working in the school setting as a paraprofessional in special education. I saw the need and demand for bilingual services in the field. I also worked with individuals that struggled to express their wants and needs. I wanted to help people with disabilities with direct focus in communication and earned a Post Baccalaureate degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences. After completing supervision hours in the school setting I obtained my SLPA certification. 

Being born and raised in Puerto Rico and coming to the United States as an adult have exposed me to the values, culture, and traditions of both Hispanic and Anglo communities. As a native Spanish speaker and a person with a bicultural perspective, I wanted to provide culturally-appropriate therapy services to multicultural populations and their families.

My main aspiration is to work with individuals with disabilities throughout their lifespan and help them overcome challenges by building their skills and developing strategies to become independent. 

When I’m not working I like to explore the beautiful outdoor gems that OR has to offer. I enjoy going on hikes, camping and kayaking. When I’m not enjoying the outdoors I like to cook and play indoor tennis. 


We strive to provide a calm, inviting and engaging space that enables children to feel comfortable while they learn and play.  The right space makes all the difference in speech therapy by promoting engagement and success.  You can scroll through the images on the left to get a feel for our space and see some of the toys, books and other mediums that we use during sessions.


Creating meaningful connections with children enables successful speech therapy.  Our focus on providing a positive learning environment helps children feel safe, confident, and improves their motivation to attempt something that has been so difficult in the past: to communicate.  We pride ourselves on enabling children to become confident and effective communicators.


At TPL Speech, our mission is to positively impact the lives of those struggling with communication disorders. By working with children and their families we creatively problem-solve specific situations when communication struggles happen and offer tools and strategies to overcome these as soon as possible. We also continue to work directly with the child, building from their strengths, to improve overall communication. The importance of being able to effectively communicate cannot be overstated.  It enables us to convey and understand ideas, thoughts and emotions and to control our environment.  Through effective communication we develop relationships and navigate life.